I’m working at Quezon City. I always go home on weekend. 5 years ago, I was spending around 2-3hours from Laguna to Metro Manila. Now, I am spending around 3-5hours.

Transportation system in Metro Manila can’t keep up with the growing number of people in this mega city. I think time will come that a better transportation system will be available for commuters. I hope… It will largely affect the economy. It will also reduce the stress level in the city.

As a resolution, I’ve decided to travel outside the peak hours of commuters. I go home early Saturday morning and go back to the city late at night every Sunday. Sometimes, I’m too lazy to wake up early during Saturday morning. And I’m still travelling on the peak hours. I’ve decided to spend the travel time while listening to podcasts. Sometimes, I also read book on kindle.

When I’m having a long flight, I bring my kindle or a pocketsize book with me. I learn this from my superior at work. Waiting time (lining up for bus, waiting at airport, waiting for someone) can be a time for learning something new. Sometimes, it is just too tempting to watch another youtube video, that would end up to more endless recommended videos. Even though I’m watching educational videos most of the times, there’s no specific goal while watching it.

Sometimes, my mind can’t comprehend that it also needs some time to just relax and waste some time. There’s so much to learn, but doing it faster won’t help. I realized, it takes time to learn new things…

Reading maybe equivalent to learning. But, learnings applied to action are more important. Even though I’m reading books, if I didn’t use or apply it, then it makes no sense. It will pile up as an additional memory in the storage that doesn’t apply to anything. It will take up space but has no use.

Maybe these books and podcasts will make sense to me in the future.

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