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  1. Date. This is the easiest part, the part where we put the date today.
  2. Happy Note. This is the part where you can put an inspirational quote, Bible Verse, motivational message to yourself or any note that will give you happiness, boost yourself and push you to start the day. This part is important because it’s easier to start a day when we feel good inside. It’s important to love and care yourself first thing in the morning. I’ll repeat. You have to care yourself first before everybody else. This tool may work for you, but if internally you are broken, it will be hard for you. You may accomplish your tasks for today or get what you want in life, but if you lost yourself along the way, or you are not happy these days, do you think it would still be worth pursuing? Do yourself a favor… do something to make yourself happy today.
  3. Primary Goals. This is the most exciting part of the guide. You need to identify the top 3 primary goals to accomplish today. These are the important goals or tasks that will lead you to declare that you had a productive day. Why do we limit to top 3 goals? We are human beings, we are not robots. We can only handle a limited number of tasks for a day where we can focus and give our most effective self. 
  4. Secondary Goals. This is the part where you can write the goals and tasks that are still necessary to accomplish yet can be delayed for tomorrow or at a later date. These goals will be transferred to the primary goals when one of the primary goals is accomplished. You can also do one of the items listed here if you still have time and energy today after accomplishing the primary goals. Personally, I don’t advise it because we want to stay productive without stressing ourselves from too many tasks for a given day.
  5. Notes. This is the part where you can write reminders, insights, some new info, things to improve or some other random notes you’ll have along the day. This can also be the corner for your doodle if you get stuck while doing something.
  6. Timeblock. It is the span of time or hours in the day to execute your actions to accomplish the primary goals.. Within the small box, you can write the specific time span of the day and write below it some notes of action to take during that specific time. The three timeblocks are allocated for top 3 primary goals to accomplish within the day.

The effectivity of this guide will depend on how much action and discipline you take to accomplish the items you have written on it. Action will be the key to get the results you want today.

Let’s look forward to a better version of yourself 🙂

Download your copy of Daily Goal Guide by clicking here.

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