You cannot wait for someone to save you, to help you, to complete you. No one can complete you. You complete yourself.

Oprah Winfrey

These days are overwhelming to all of us. Sometimes, I also feel worthless for doing nothing that will contribute to solve the problem of the worldwide pandemic. I am crazy enough to think that somehow I should contribute to solve it haha. Anyway, let’s talk about you. Yeah you!

Are you also overwhelmed with the feeling of stillness at your place? This is not usual for all of us. But for me, I always have become a good friend to myself. When I can’t do anything, I don’t cursed myself for being not as good as I’ve expected. When I feel lazy, I allow myself to be lazy. When I’m sad, I allow myself to be sad. When I’m overwhelmed, I allow myself to be overwhelmed. What’s the use of suppressing our emotions?

How to unstuck yourself when you are overwhelmed?

  1. Eliminate the culprit. Don’t feed yourself with too much exposure to bad and good news in your social media newsfeed. Too much of both good and bad news are bad to your self-esteem. You will degrade yourself or get jealous. Very few get inspired.
  2. Be kind to yourself as if you are a sick person. You take care of yourself.
  3. Feel your emotions. When you feel it, it will go out in your system. If you feel like crying, cry. If you’re angry, get a piece of paper and tear it as small as you can. The goal is to get the emotion out of your mind and let it go out in your system to clear the space it’s taking within you.
  4. Do something that will make yourself happy. I know people watching kdrama, kpop, movies, cook, take a long shower, find ways to entertain yourself. For me, I’m happy to read a book or an article. I’m also happy when I get enough sleep.
  5. Find simple solutions. Not overwhelming solutions. Sometimes, staying too much in your problem is not solving it at all. You need to get out in the problem, and think as if you are a spy solving someone else’s problem even if it’s yours in the first place. People are good at solving a friend’s problem but never their own problem. It may work if you think that your problem is your friend’s problem. What will you advice? Be a good friend to your self.
  6. Be grateful for whatever piece of goodness you’re seeing today. If you have none, thank the sun for giving us light. Thank your cellphone for connecting you to the outside world. Thank your devices for serving you well during this tough times. Lastly, thank yourself for holding on.

For sure, you will overcome it if you find ways to unstuck yourself. Save yourself, don’t wait for anyone to come in your life and save you. We’ll never know anyway if someone’s coming… Most people are busy minding their own problems. It’s a lot better if you have someone to support you. What if there’s no one? Be your own hero, save yourself and unstuck yourself.

This kind of advice is a short term, surface level type of solution. It will work for a day. You have to repeat this solution on a daily basis to fully unstuck yourself if you’re in a bigger and deeper hole. A mentally strong stable mind will help you. Develop one along the process.

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