Millennial’s Guide by Millennial: 7 Secrets I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Life After School

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I was 23 years old when I wrote this book in 2017 to fulfill my dream of writing a book. After publishing it on Amazon, I hid it to myself and forget about it. I had no plans of sharing it to anyone thinking who would care to read my book. Upon reading my book after almost 3 years, I’ve changed my mind and decided to share it hoping someone out there may need this kind of book. It contains my personal stories and challenges when I was starting as a young engineer. This book will be useful for people who have become lost in their life and for people who are searching for direction. This is especially useful for people in their early twenties or for students looking forward to start their life after graduating from school or university. You may not agree with all the content of the book, but it may challenge the current systems of your life. Honestly, I cried upon rereading this book. My old self have been struggling and I am just thankful that she persisted.

“I was wrong. Years of education at school didn’t help me to understand what I was feeling. No one told me about it. I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know how to solve it. No matter how I tried to ignore it, it keeps coming back… I was lost. I was nothing. I was empty…”

“Maybe this is depression; I just don’t know.”

“Some people would say just shrug it off and pray. I was always doing that. I would feel okay for the day, but the feeling remains the next day. I would feel even worse afterward because no one can comprehend it. I even can’t comprehend it myself.”

I Wish Someone Had Told Me by Wenzel Web

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