When I was young (I mean when I was still studying and depending all things on my parents), I always respect the judgement of older people. Now that I am a young adult, I realized, we should really respect older people than us. It is not because they have better judgement, but it is just rightful I guess that we should respect their judgement because it is their judgement. Maybe it is wrong or right in our perspective, but maybe it is right in their perspective and underlying values.

As long as we are not directly affected by their position or judgment, let us at least show respect. By saying this, it feels like disrespecting them. Anyway. We don’t need to be right all the time because we are definitely not right. No one really knows a direct right path to live a life. We can learn and pick pieces from older people and use it to our advantage. Be cautious that some of their advice may not be applicable to us because they live in a different timeline, but we can use their advice as a guide in our own unique individual path.

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