I have around 2weeks to transfer all things. I need to resign. I mean, there’s a possibility that I will be out of income for some weeks or maybe months if I do this. It scares me. But, I will just let my future self take care of that worry.

This is something I have to do, I learn this the hard way last time. I mean, I dont want to leave my job. I am fortunate to have this opportunity at this age. All of us are fortunate to have this kind of job. I rarely talk these days at office because I might just cry anytime. Seeing them in the morning has been my way for 3years now and I cant imagine that I will have to do this.

It’s hard to go. I know the team will understand. The lessons we learned together remain in each of us. It feels like we have built an imaginary foundation. Individually, we have a lot of improvements to make. We are not perfect, all of us have some sort of weaknesses that we’re trying to improve. But together as a team, we’re able to use our unique individual strengths that contribute for us to pass the challenges.

To my teammates at work: I hope the team will continue to cultivate patience with each other, to see that beyond our weaknesses and failures or mistakes and shortcomings, we are all just trying our best. Let us try to be kind all the time, hurtful words may remain a wound to a person forever. Let us just try to at least understand someone if a mistake is conducted, to just take a deep breath, be kind, because we do not know the inner battles that each one of our team members are trying to win over.

This is not the end. Take a deep breath… we’re up for a new adventure, okay?

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