About Me

If you walk with me, you’ll experience silence… I don’t talk a lot.

Hi! I am Wenzel! I am supposed to write something interesting here that will make you believe that I am credible and trustworthy… I am a straightforward, slow person who speaks in a slow manner. I prefer to talk less most of the time, because I want to save my energy. I can sleep as early as 8pm or 9pm on a daily basis.

Here’s the start of normal about section… I am a civil engineer and working as a researcher in the field of earthquake engineering.

From 2015  to 2017, I was working as a structural design engineer in Research and Development Team of a structural engineering company in Makati City. Structural engineers make the calculations ahead of time so that a building, a bridge, or any structure can withstand all the pressure and stresses it will encounter in its lifespan. Do you wonder how they do that? Ask a structural engineer. They will surely have endless revision stories about their projects. 

From 2017 to present, I am working as a researcher of an earthquake engineering project based in Quezon City. In this project, I learn to connect the dots of high-rise buildings, earthquake,  rocks, geology, geophysics, etc… Sounds boring? Ask a geologist. You’ll be amazed to find out that a whole book can be dedicated to a certain kind of rock.

That’s my professional work. What about me? If you walk with me, you’ll experience silence, I don’t talk a lot…

In this website, you’ll find what I do aside from my work. I am too quiet to talk. I’m doing this to improve my writing, thought process and communication skills. I also look forward to improve my speaking skills because maybe I need to evolve. Most of my ideas are taken from my experience and books I read. You can use it, adapt it or maybe tweak it until you find a way that works for you.  If you find any mistakes, I need to improve that part I guess. You will help me if you suggest a correction or an improvement. I will appreciate it.

About This Website

This website is part of my intentional personal development journey on the topic of self-improvement and personal finance. I started this journey when I found myself clueless how to solve some of my personal challenges in 2017. I realized the real exam of life starts after school. I learn, we can copy, take notes, ask advice from anyone ahead of us.  We can ask for help when we don’t know the answer. That has been my guiding direction in life. I am not trying to change any system… But maybe if it’s no longer working, we should find a new system that will work for us.

We have our own distinct journey. We need to figure out ways that will work in our situation. So…Don’t  follow me. Walk with me because I’m still finding my way. For sure, we’ll have some unknown adventures ahead.

Thank you for coming here. I appreciate your curiosity. I hope you’ll find something useful here. 

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